Monday, December 6, 2010

Project 2

Crayon Holders

For children in Sub Saharan Africa!

For project 2 we will be sewing crayon holders (super easy & adorable) to donate to Orphan Support Africa, an amazing organization that supports the vulnerable children in Sub Saharan Africa. Many of the children that will be receiving your donation are orphans and I know they will treasure this special gift!

A little information about Malawi, the country that will benefit from the crayons-
--45% of Malawi's population is less than 5 years of age
--There are approximately 70,000 HIV positive children less than age 15.
--Increasing levels of poverty and the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic have contributed to the high number of orphaned children, of which there are currently an estimated 1,050,000 in Malawi

The crayon holders look complicated, but are very easy to put together! For a tutorial please see the link here to a blog called the Pleated Poppy. The writer gives a list of supplies and a great step by step guide to sewing a crayon holder.

With Christmas right around the corner, the deadline for this project will be February 15th. Start sewing now & email us at with any questions.

Thank you & happy sewing!

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